For Inspirational and Motivational Speaking:

Dr. Charles Malveaux’s schedule is Fluid. Whether you have a last-minute corporate event or a conference in the following year, we’ll be able to assist in the process of finding an available date for your needs.

Of course! Dr. Charles Malveaux has been an international speaker since 2015. We will be more than happy to work with you to arrange an event abroad. 

For Expert Commentary and Medical Case Review Consultations:

**Of note, please be mindful that medical consultations DO NOT include patient care, evaluations, or any medical assessments or treatment. Medical case review consultations also DO NOT involve the formation of any physician-patient relationship.  

Dr. WCM can, as a part of expert commentary or medical case review consultation advise on typical presentations of disorders (not for a specific individual); advise on resources usually available and utilized to manage certain mental health-related issues; advise on the standard of care and options for managing specific mental health conditions/psychiatric issues (again, not for a specific patient); discuss historical information about treatment options, understandings of mental Illness and psycho-social issues that impact mental health; Provide reports giving assessments of the consult question;  Provide referrals to the types of professionals you may need to contact to further address your consult question or mental health-related issue.

At WCM Sports Psych, we value our clients and their time. In order to take the time you need for your specific consult question, we bill hourly with the option to book additional sessions as needed.  Reach out today to find out our rates!

No. We ensure that those clients that have joined the WCM Sports psych family will never have to wait longer for their own precious appointments due to waiting for someone who may have gotten cold feet about making that leap towards their success. What we enjoy doing is providing a consultation request form, to assist our potential partners in identifying specifically in what areas we will help you or your project flourish before a consultation is scheduled.

For Patient Care:

NO. Why?


With our practice model, you won’t have your care limited by the number of times your insurance is willing to authorize or try to justify to them that you need help at all.


Not accepting insurance allows your psychiatrist or therapist to ensure that you two are a good fit for each-other and the services we have to offer, as opposed to our patients being “stuck” with whomever happens to be covered by their insurance.

Insurance only pays when an ICD-10 diagnosis code is provided. Sometimes, for your service to be covered, the diagnoses need be of moderate or severe gravity. Not everyone meets criteria for a more severe diagnosis, and those who do, sometimes prefer not to have that on their insurance record.

Not working directly with insurance companies allows your psychiatrist or therapist to spend more time helping you, instead of haggling with your insurance.

While we do not accept insurance, we can provide you with a superbill or invoice on request that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Also, though other services provided through WCM Sports psych accept multiple forms of payment, out of privacy considerations, we do NOT accept Venmo for payment of psychiatric or any other patient-related services. We do keep your active credit card information on file in our payment systems to facilitate your timely payment in a hassle-free way for you!

Dr. Wilsa Charles Malveaux is well-connected with an extensive referral base in many fields. Additionally, she is knowledgeable about resources available in the community and nationally. If there is something you need that falls outside the scope of WCM Sports Psych, we will provide our best recommendations and outside referrals. 

Dr. Wilsa Charles Malveaux sees a select number of private patients in her practice. Reach out today to inquire about availability.

WCM Sports Psych is Located in Los Angeles California, however patient care and consultation services are provided throughout California via Video and telephone technology (teleconferencing and telehealth).

General FAQs:

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and well-trained, Dr. Charles Malveaux makes each case personal and cares about her clients and patients. She will not throw a cookie-cutter, Plug-and-chug, narrow textbook solutions at you, but rather think through your specific situations and obstacles to help you find a solution.  She takes time to explain the processes as well as plans, to ensure her clients and patients understand the working plan, also allowing them to have a personal say and buy-in for maximum autonomy and clarity/ Dr. Charles Malveaux sees the whole person; makes others not only feel heard but also lets them know they have been understood.  She is cognizant of and open to alternative treatment and solutions to address various problems. Dr. Charles Malveaux is not hesitant to tell you what she does not know and takes the initiative to find out, as these challenges provide opportunities for lifelong learning and further benefit to those who work with her.  Dr. Wilsa Charles Malveaux has a strong working knowledge and understanding of group dynamics, corporate structures, and the inner workings of a team. She readily uses this knowledge to assist her clients and patients in achieving their goals.

You can download Dr. Wilsa Charles Malveaux’s CV here.

For those seeking Performance Assistance in sport, the corporate world or life in general:
From the everyday high achiever to elite athletes and top executives, in working with WCM Sports Psych you can expect to be guided to finding and visualizing your own goals, while effectively managing anxiety and stress. In your work with us, you will find you can more clearly recognize areas of conflict and also resolve them more easily. You will learn how to manage your efforts and energy in ways to avoid burnout and avoid losing passion for the things that mean the most to you. You will overall be more prepared to manage both your successes and your failures- which are natural occurrences on the road to higher success. Should you find yourself at a point of career or life transition, let us help you to better pivot. We can assist your assessment of which parts of what you have learned- and who you have been- can best serve you on your next path.

For those seeking Patient Care:
Patients can take comfort that they are in the hands of a caring, and thoughtful team of professionals who have trained at some of our nation’s top educational institutions. You can expect to feel heard and to be brought in as a partner, not a bystander, to your care and decision-making. Patients can look forward to learning new coping skills, while also having confidence that their provider will offer treatments that are consistent with the community standards, as well as specific to their individual needs. Our patients receive the time they need and are not rushed through appointments. Never be concerned that old diagnoses will haunt you or cloud your experience. At WCM Sports Psych we offer our own, independent clinical assessment of your concerns and symptoms prior to developing a treatment plan.

For those seeking Consultations:
Each individual seeking consultation services from WCM Sports Psych, be it for medical case reviews, or media and film; You can expect to work with a professional who is both experienced and knowledgeable. We will provide insightful information specific to your consult question. We tailor our reports and feedback to be appropriate to the scope and intention of your work.
Where Medical Case Reviews are needed, we provide a thorough review of the patient’s history to ensure the treatment provided meets the criteria for being medically necessary (Medical Necessity Criteria), and that it is the most appropriate course of treatment for that particular patient and their situation. We assure our clients that they will have proper guidance, concerning the information provided, to make decisions on reimbursement and authorization.

Those seeking our service as Technical Advisors for TV and film projects will find that we help create realistic portrayals of your characters and improve the medical accuracy of the scenarios, even if from a past time period in medicine. All this we achieve without interfering with your writers’ creative and artistic licenses. We are available to speak with actors about their roles, and help them better understand their medical characters.

As documentary interviewees, we provide the necessary background historical and medical information for your audience to understand the story you are presenting. You will receive honest insights which may support or challenge points of view from primary or other secondary characters in your documentary.

In short, in working with our subject matter experts, your experience and your work will be both inspiring and authentic.

On-Line scheduling will soon be available. You can still reach Dr. Charles Malveaux via email at Dr.Wilsa@WCMSportsPsych and through the contact us page on this site.

Additionally, you can call WCM Sports Psych at our business number 855-223-7926.

WCM Sports Psych is Located in Los Angeles California, however patient care and consultation services are provided throughout California via Video and telephone technology (teleconferencing and telehealth).